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Swedish Massage

This Massage Depends on Traditional Swedish Technique in the Body Massage where the Therapist using massage oils, Swedish massage is considered one of the best types of massage because of its ability to de-stress, relax the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

Hot Stones Massage

This Massage depends on tadeonal Swedish technique in the body massage addition to the hot basalt stones where the therapist using massage oils and put the hot stones on certain Areas in the body to de-stress, relax the muscles, getting rid of cold amounts that accumulate in the body and stimulate blood circulation.

Shiatsu Massage

This Massage depends on traditional Japanese technique in the body massage where the therapist does not use any oils, but he pressing on certain areas in the body using the fingers of the hands and elbows to balance the flow of energy, stimulate blood circulation, test muscle stiffness and reduce the intensity of pain.

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is distinguished from that it is used bamboo stick, which is the most widespread stick in tropical countries, bamboo produces large amounts of oxygen because it consumes large amounts of carbon dioxide and is the best environmental cleaners, it is very effective in removing toxic substances.

Sport Massage

Massage is classified as a type of complementary medicine or alternative medicine, it is a basic of ancient Chinese medicine, and has shown its benefits as an effective treatment to reduce psychological tension, body pain, and muscle tension, muscles cover a lot of vital organs in the body and form a major part in the composition so the benefits of a muscle massage include all the organs of the body.

Foot Massage

With our well trained therapist they will give you a massage that will helps in relaxation, improves mood and fights depression.